Government measures in key jurisdictions

Covid-19: Government measures in key jurisdictions

We are in the midst of incredibly challenging times. Businesses and individuals in most countries of the world have been negatively, and severely, impacted by the Coronavirus.

One of the important responses to the crisis has been the interventionist role that Governments in many countries have taken to mitigate the economic impact. Some of these measures are very similar. However, there are some quite distinct differences in approach. To particularly help businesses and organisations exposed to a range of jurisdictions, we have contributed to the briefing below, alongside a number of other independent law firms, providing practical advice on issues ranging from available state funding, employment and tax, to property and insolvency. We hope you will find it a useful tool to guide you through these difficult, and ever-changing times.

Please note, this briefing does not constitute legal advice. The law is accurate to 20 April 2020 and the position is moving rapidly. We recommend that the latest government guidance is checked as this is changing daily. This publication is a general summary of the law. It should not replace legal advice tailored to your specific circumstances.

To download a copy of this publication covering 21 Jurisdictions in total click here.