May 25, 2017

Supreme Court Rules in Favour of MIBI

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The Motor Insurers' Bureau of Ireland has won its Supreme Court appeal arising from the collapse of Setanta Insurance Limited. The Supreme Court in The Law Society of Ireland v The Motor Insurers' Bureau of Ireland (Unreported, Supreme Court, 25 May 2017) delivered its judgment with a 5/2 majority. O'Donnell J and McKechnie J held in favour of the MIBI and were concurred with by Denham CJ, Charleton J and O'Malley J. Dissenting judgments issued from MacMenamin J and Clarke J. Kieran Cowhey and John O'Riordan in Dillon Eustace represented the MIBI in this case instructing Paul Sreenan SC, Paul Gallagher SC and Kelley Smith BL.