February 05, 2011

ABA International Spring Meeting April 5th 9th 2011 at the Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill DC

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John Doyle will be speaking on Wednesday 6th April 2.30pm on:

Pressing Matters: A Comparative Review of Defamation in the Borderless World

Issues of free speech and defamation are not just the worry of the news media. All commercial lawyers need to understand these issues. Social Media, electronic versions of newspapers and magazines, "gripe" websites, blogs, and a host of other digital formats as well as traditional "paper" media, have raised the stakes, for misstep in their communications. A panel representing a cross section of common law countries - Canada, England, Ireland and United States - will engage in a comparative review of libel and defamation issues in the borderless world, addressing such questions as personal jurisdiction, defenses and the parameters of "free speech" and its limitations.