Company Secretarial Services

DE (Cayman) Limited (DECL) provides corporate secretarial services to onshore and offshore companies and partnerships in the Cayman Islands. We offer a comprehensive collation and report management service which considerably enhances corporate governance and encourages the adoption of best practice standards. We can also provide access to market-leading information technology tools to manage board papers and workflows.

At DECL we tailor our services to meet individual client needs.

Our basic secretarial services often suit companies whose directors want to have an independent officer available to certify company documents and to attend to minor administrative functions.

Enhanced secretarial services are more comprehensive and are popular among regulated or licensed Cayman companies whose directors hold more regular board meetings. The DECL team focuses on ensuring that there is a proper corporate governance framework in place. We help clients with regular, formal board meetings attended by the company secretary who collates the necessary board documents and reports, and records minutes of board discussions.

Enhanced corporate secretarial services include:

  • Scheduling board meetings.
  • Drafting agendas for quarterly board meetings in conjunction with the designated client contact and circulation to the board and other attendees as required.
  • Notifying directors of board meeting dates and requesting board documentation and attendance lists from all service providers, and providing deadlines for receipt of same.
  • Providing facilities for board meetings and attending board meetings.
  • Preparing and circulating draft minutes and action points to designated persons for review and response.
  • Circulating soft copy board packs through a pdf collator by e-mail or via Board Portal and/or delivering hard copy board packs by courier to the board, where requested.
  • Communicating with the board and service providers as necessary.

DECL provides additional bespoke secretarial services as required. These often include arranging more frequent meetings and committee meetings. We can also retain additional documentation – such as fitness and probity documentation – and provide standardised documents, including formal Board Procedures.

DECL offers a Board Portal service for client boards, directors and board committees in conjunction with BoardVantage. This service is a user-friendly paperless director application suite and toolkit for directors, company secretaries and authorised client users.

The main features and benefits are:

  • Board pack delivery via iPad, Samsung and other mobile devices, PCs and laptops.
  • Improves board communication and meeting productivity, with secure conferencing between board members.
  • Online and offline access for directors to board materials.
  • Facilitates secure collaboration between authorised members of a team.
  • Capacity to add notes to documents online and offline.
  • A searchable repository for current and archived board materials.
  • Encrypted password-protected briefcase which can be purged centrally.
  • Ability to review and act on board consents.