Asset Management and Investment FundsDecember 07, 2018

Webinar - "Untapped opportunity in Stressed Assets in India"

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Dillon Eustace will be participating in a Webinar hosted by Edelweiss India on "Untapped Opportunity in Stressed Assets in India" and how this alternative asset class is gaining substantial attention from super funds and global investors. Dillon Eustace participants, Brain Dillon, Partner, Asset management and Investment Funds and Conor Keaveny, Partner Banking and Capital Markets, will discuss the prominence of Ireland's Financial services sector in the distressed asset space and its relevance to India. Other participants will be Jyoti Rai (Edelweiss), Amit Agarwal (Edelweiss) and Sanjeev Krishan (PWC).

Date: Wednesday 12th December

Time: UK 2.30PM| USA 9.30AM | IST 8.00PM.

The agenda will be:

  1. Jyoti Rai (Edelweiss) - Brief talk on the topic & Introduction to our expert speakers : (Timing 3min)
  2. Sanjeev Krishan (PWC) – NCLT Scenario & Basic Recovery Profile in India : (Timing 10mins)
  3. Amit Agarwal (Edelweiss) - Edelweiss Stressed Assets Business Services to Global Investors: (Timing 10mins)
  4. Brian Dillon/Conor Keaveny (Dillon Eustace) – Prominence of Ireland's Financial Service Sector in the distress space & its relevance to India: (Timing 10mins)
  5. Q&A : (Timing 15-20mins)
  6. Jyoti Rai (Edelweiss) - Thank you & concluding remarks (Timing 2mins)

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