Real Estate DisputesJuly 09, 2021

Webinar - The impact of Covid on Irish Landlord and Tenant Disputes – roads to resolution

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Dillon Eustace sponsored and participated in Bisnow's property disputes webinar on the 12th May 2021. This Free 45 minute webinar explored the impact of Covid on Irish Landlord and Tennant Disputes.

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Panel Discussion Topics:

The webinar panel discussion covered areas such as:

  • How does the current situation compare with the crash of 10 years ago - lessons learned and are they being applied?
  • Can tenants rely on force majeure or on frustration to assist them in property disputes in light of the pandemic?
  • How does the Code of Conduct between landlords and tenants for commercial rents impact on the relationship between landlords and tenants?
  • Has Covid impacted on how the Irish court have dealt with landlord and tenant disputes?
  • What options do parties have to resolve disputes other than going to court?
  • What are the nature of the 'deals' that are being done between Landlords & Tenants - including t/o rents in retails, pandemic clauses etc.?
  • What are the impacts (or pros and cons) of turnover rents for both a Landlord and tenant (impacts on LL & T covenants, assignments etc.)
  • Has ESG/Sustainability and the drive to net zero impacted the Landlord and Tenant relationship? (green clauses, upgrade of properties, etc.)
  • Have you seen a change how tenants do business during the pandemic, how can LLs and T’s work together?

Panelists and Moderator

Moderator: Martin Colman, Partner, Dillon Eustace, Real Estate


  • John O'Riordan, Partner, Dillon Eustace, Litigation and Dispute Resolution,
  • Rowena Crowley, Head of Asset Management & Portfolio Strategy, Aviva
  • John Birmingham, Asset & Property Management Consultant, John Birmingham Consultancy

To view this webinar on demand webinar click here: