January 04, 2016

John Hugh Colleran features in 2015 Banking & Finance Annual Review

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LONDON, 11 December 2015: Financier Worldwide announced that John-Hugh Colleran of Dillon Eustace has been featured in its 2015 Banking & Finance Annual Review. John-Hugh contributed the Ireland chapter of the report (which is available here), providing insight into key developments in the region. Financier Worldwide's Annual Review canvasses the opinions of leading experts from around the world who advise on banking and finance matters. According to the Annual Review, "The financial crisis, which shook banking and financial markets to their core, is now a thing of the past. Yet across many jurisdictions, 2015 was still a mixed year for the banking and finance space. Volatility has been felt across a number of important markets over the last 12 months. In the US, leveraged lending and high-yield issuance declined, whereas investment grade volume, mainly with regard to acquisition finance, was up. Measures such as the US Leveraged Lending Guidelines have had an impact on borrowing. The guidelines follow other major regulatory developments in recent years, including Basel III, with its additional capital controls and requirements, and Dodd-Frank, which continues to pose new challenges to firms operating in the banking and finance space across Europe and the US." More information about the Annual Review of Banking and Finance 2015 is available from Financier Worldwide's website: