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 Asset Management and Investment FundsMarch 27, 2024

Video Series on The Irish ELTIF | Episode Two

In this three-part video series, Brian Kelliher, Cillian Bredin and Derbhil O’Riordan provide an overview of some of the key features of the Irish ELTIF, including its liquidity profile. They also discuss what an ELTIF can and cannot invest in, applicable transparency obligations and how the Irish ELTIF can be marketed within the EEA to both professional and retail investors.

Episode 2

In the second episode of our video series on the Irish ELTIF, Brian and Derbhil discuss the types of assets an ELTIF is permitted to invest in and applicable portfolio composition rules which apply to the ELTIF. They also consider the transparency obligations which apply to Irish ELTIFs.

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Dillon Eustace Guide: Key Features of an Irish ELTIF

For an in-depth analysis of the key features of an Irish ELTIF, please access our up-to-date guide which is accessible below.

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