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 Insolvency and Corporate RecoveryJuly 29, 2021

The Legal 500 Comparative Guide to Restructuring and Insolvency in Ireland

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Dillon Eustace insolvency team contribute the Ireland chapter to The Legal 500: Restructuring & Insolvency country comparative guide. This guide is of interest to local and international lawyers, general counsel counsel and senior executives, wanting to understand the key elements of insolvency procedures in Ireland.

The core areas covered in this guide include:

  1. The test for insolvency
  2. Insolvency procedures in Ireland
  3. How creditors rank in insolvency procedures
  4. What form of security is granted over property in insolvency
  5. Practical issues in enforcing security
  6. Impact on pre insolvency proceedings
  7. Moratorium in Insolvency proceedings
  8. Restructuring and rescue proceedings
  9. Refinancing in restructuring
  10. Treatment of existing contracts in insolvency
  11. Barriers to insolvency
  12. Alternatives to insolvency
  13. Changes to restructuring as a result of Covid

To read this guide to insolvency in Ireland click on the Download PDF above on this page, to read one of the other 23 country guides in this series click here.

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