Commercial Contracts

Our Corporate and M&A team advises on commercial, corporate and company contracts, and on bespoke agreements covering a wide range of business scenarios and industries.

A myriad of commercial contracts can be required to protect clients as they go about their day-to-day business. Our team has the experience and expertise to create bespoke agreements to cover almost any client requirement.

We offer significant expertise in negotiating and advising on commercial arrangements between parties in today’s ever-changing supply chains, advising on a wide range of licensing, sub-licensing and distribution agreements.

We advise clients on the advantages and disadvantages of creating agencies or of becoming an agent for another party. We understand the often unforeseen and arguably unintended implications for businesses of the European Commercial Agents Directive.

Our experienced team combine technical legal excellence with a commercial edge. We focus on the terms and conditions of sale of goods and supply of services, advising clients on coherent policies for implementing and enforcing those terms. Our services cover outsourcing agreements, franchise agreements, management agreements, services agreements and business referral agreements.