Formation Agency & Registered Office Services

DE (Cayman) Limited (DECL) is a leading provider of formation agency, registered office and registered agent services to companies and partnerships in the Cayman Islands. Our highly experienced corporate services professionals offer a high-speed service underpinned by a keen understanding of modern business demands. Where required we can establish a company or partnership within 24 hours.

DECL holds a full companies management license issued by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority. We offer a full suite of corporate management services and can establish all types of allowable entity, including: ordinary resident and non-resident companies; exempt companies; foreign companies; segregated portfolio companies (SPCs); limited liability companies (LLCs); trust structures; and partnerships.

We work closely with the Dillon Eustace Cayman and Ireland legal teams to provide seamless and efficient high quality client services.

DECL formation agency services include:

  • Reserving names with the Registrar of Companies or Registrar of Limited Partnerships.
  • Drafting company Memorandum and Articles of Association or Initial Limited Partnership Agreement and section 9 statement.
  • Establishing entities through EDMS – the Registrar of Companies/Registrar of Limited Partnerships online web portal – to effect the establishment of the entity.
  • Attending to post-incorporation filings concerning the appointment of directors/partners.

Once established, all companies and partnerships registered in the Cayman Islands must maintain a physical presence at a registered office. DECL provides this service and ensures that all statutory requirements are adhered to, including:

  • Maintaining minute books, statutory registers and other corporate records.
  • Making statutory returns to the Registrar of Companies or Registrar of Limited Partnerships pursuant to the Companies Law (Revised) (the Companies Law) or the Exempted Limited Partnership Law (Revised).
  • Maintaining the Registered Office.
  • Ensuring that the name of the Company or Partnership is always displayed at the Registered Office.
  • Maintaining the seal, if any, of the company or partnership at the Registered Office.
  • Forwarding documents and notices relating to the company or partnership received by DECL at the Registered Office.
  • Advising on all matters necessary to maintain the company or partnership in good standing under the laws of the Cayman Islands.
  • Forwarding to the company or partnership all correspondence and other communications addressed to it at the Registered Office by the most appropriate method.