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What our Interns say about us

Christopher Burns, Trainee | Asset Management & Investment Funds

I was a summer intern in the Asset Management & Investment Funds department in Dillon Eustace in July 2019. The Summer Internship Programme is a fantastic way to experience what it is like working in a diverse highly skilled corporate law firm, it allows you to build relations with various contacts which could be beneficial later in your career and gives you the opportunity to determine whether you believe a career in corporate law would suit you in the future.

During my internship, I engaged in drafting and amending documentation which allowed me to experience the work conducted by a trainee solicitor. I was able to learn about the various practice areas across the firm through various discussions with Head of Departments and qualified solicitors. Also, I gained an understanding of the route to qualification as a solicitor in Ireland and the work that it entails which prepared me for the next step in my career.

I would highly recommend completing the Dillon Eustace Summer Internship Programme as it provides you with a great insight into the day-to-day operations in a corporate law firm and you may want to become a trainee in Dillon Eustace afterwards, like myself!

Brian McGlone, Trainee | Banking & Capital Markets

I participated in the Dillon Eustace Summer Internship Programme in June 2019. I had never worked in a corporate law firm before and I was apprehensive about the nature of the work and the atmosphere in the office. I was pleasantly surprised on both counts. I was struck by how approachable and welcoming everyone was. There was a genuinely positive atmosphere about the office and we were fortunate as trainees to be included in the social events run by the firm during the summer. My work in the Financial Regulation Department was varied and I was encouraged to participate by asking questions and offering my opinions. It was a challenging but rewarding few weeks which helped me to decide that I wanted to pursue a training contract with the Firm.