Our Values and Ethos

Dillon Eustace ethos is to provide excellence in the provision of legal services to our clients in our designated fields of expertise in an ethical firm where people can (i) work in a collegiate meritocratic environment (ii) enjoy their work (iii) progress and flourish professionally and financially (iv) where clients across the firm get excellent service and feel they have a constructive partner assisting them in their business needs. Our overall ethos and values can be summarised in the following:

  • To represent our clients and their interests.
  • To act honestly, fairly and professionally to the very best of our ability in all that we do.
  • To respect our clients, our colleagues (both those within the firm and external to the firm), counterparts and service providers.
  • To consider the wider interests of society in our regular activity.
  • To promote collegiality, honest hard work and meritocratic approach to advancement.
  • To demand and expect excellence.
  • To be a constructive business partner to our clients.
  • To be an enjoyable and challenging place to work.