Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Dillon Eustace Diversity and Inclusion Committee was established in 2022 with the goal of promoting inclusion within the firm and celebrating the diversity of its staff. Since its formation, the committee has taken a number of initiatives to further this mission, such as;

  • contributed to the updated diversity policy of Dillon Eustace;
  • organised the first ever celebration of Pride Month at Dillon Eustace, to show the firm's support for the LGBTQ+ community and promote a culture of acceptance and inclusivity within the workplace. Staff members also marched in the Dublin Pride parade with the OUTLaw network and look forward to doing so again in 2023;
  • organized a clothes drive for Work Equal to mark International Women's Day. Work Equal help to raise awareness about gender equality issues and promote a culture of support and empowerment for women in the workplace. The clothes collected were donated to women who may be experiencing financial difficulties.
  • arranged a seminar with Adam Harris of AsIAm to discuss ways to make Dillon Eustace a more autism-friendly working environment. This event helped to raise awareness about neurodiversity and promote a culture of acceptance and understanding for employees with autism or their families. By learning about the unique challenges and strengths of individuals with autism, the firm can create a more supportive and inclusive environment that values the contributions of all its employees, regardless of their cognitive differences.

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee is always looking for new ideas to promote diversity and inclusion by encouraging employees to embrace different perspectives and ways of thinking, which can ultimately benefit the firm's overall performance and success.