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Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending – Withholding Tax Obligations – Borrowers Beware

AcroExch.Document389 Kb17/5/2018
Finance Bill 2016 - Irish Real Estate Funds

AcroExch.Document150 Kb24/10/2016
Irish SPVs holding Financial Assets secured on Irish Real Estate – Proposed Legislative Amendments

AcroExch.Document5,108 Kb8/9/2016
Holding Companies in Ireland

AcroExch.Document420 Kb19/8/2016
Ireland as a Domicile for Special Purpose Vehicles

AcroExch.Document506 Kb18/5/2016
The Advantages of ICAVs

AcroExch.Document500 Kb26/2/2016
A Guide to Qualifying Investor AIFs (2nd Edition)

AcroExch.Document953 Kb16/10/2015
A Guide to UCITS in Ireland

AcroExch.Document1,050 Kb15/6/2015
International Comparative Legal Guide to Alternative Investment Funds 2015-Ireland Chapter contributed by Dillon Eustace

AcroExch.Document698 Kb5/6/2015
Exchange Traded Funds and the UCITS Framework

AcroExch.Document11,136 Kb14/11/2014
ICAV Update

AcroExch.Document244 Kb15/8/2014
FATCA Update

AcroExch.Document231 Kb1/7/2014
ICLG - Alternative Investment Fund 2014

AcroExch.Document326 Kb26/6/2014
Hedgeweek Special Report April 2014 “The Irish ICAV: The dawning of a new era for the Irish funds industry” By Brian Kelliher and David Lawless

AcroExch.Document451 Kb3/4/2014
Aircraft Leasing - Ireland still leading the way

AcroExch.Document1,538 Kb3/10/2013
FTT – A Small but Potentially Significant Tax

AcroExch.Document677 Kb8/4/2013
Aviation Finance Ireland and the Cayman Islands as Key Locations

AcroExch.Document1,306 Kb15/3/2013
Finance Bill 2013

AcroExch.Document107 Kb27/2/2013
Regulated Funds - Overview of Irish Tax Registration and Filing Requirements

AcroExch.Document94 Kb21/11/2012
Moving to Ireland - Irish Income Tax Considerations

AcroExch.Document293 Kb16/11/2012
Life Settlements

AcroExch.Document63 Kb30/5/2012
Life Settlements: Using Irish Vehicles to minimise US Taxes on Life Settlement Payments

AcroExch.Document63 Kb30/5/2012
Investment Management Release - Finance Act 2012

AcroExch.Document85 Kb10/2/2012
PAYE & Directors Remuneration

AcroExch.Document76 Kb1/2/2012
Finance Act 2011 - Structured Finance (Section 110) Regime Amendments

AcroExch.Document84 Kb21/2/2011
Taxation of Collective Investment Funds and Availability of Treaty Benefits

AcroExch.Document81 Kb9/2/2011
Funds - An Alternative to NRDs - Equivalent Measures

AcroExch.Document84 Kb28/9/2010
Ireland - A Key Location for Russian Structured Finance Deals

AcroExch.Document60 Kb13/7/2010
Ireland - A Key Location for Russian Structured Finance Deals

AcroExch.Document60 Kb3/7/2010
Transfer Pricing Release - Finance Bill 2010

by David Lawless and Sean Murray
AcroExch.Document98 Kb9/2/2010
Financial Services Release - Finance Bill 2010

By David Lawless and Sean Murray
AcroExch.Document88 Kb9/2/2010
Ireland's Tonnage Tax Regime

AcroExch.Document48 Kb23/11/2009
Further Enhancements to Ireland's Intellectual Property Regime

AcroExch.Document41 Kb1/5/2009
Investment Funds - How the Taxation Environment in Ireland continues to lead the way

AcroExch.Document67 Kb1/2/2009
Ireland: A gateway to China & Japan

AcroExch.Document235 Kb1/7/2008
Finance Bill

AcroExch.Document94 Kb1/2/2008
Irish Special Purpose Reinsurance Vehicles

AcroExch.Document159 Kb1/11/2007

AcroExch.Document149 Kb1/1/2007