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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Important – Not to be Dismissed

AcroExch.Document348 Kb8/3/2018
Not Shy and Not Retiring – New Code of Practice On Longer Working

AcroExch.Document340 Kb15/1/2018
Court’s discretion in company restoration applications clarified in recent appeal brought by NLAM.

AcroExch.Document436 Kb12/1/2018
Mediation gets its Act together - Dublin Chamber paper

AcroExch.Document361 Kb22/11/2017
The Irish Government. buys in to Mediation

AcroExch.Document359 Kb8/11/2017
Mediation Act 2017 signed into law

AcroExch.Document328 Kb3/10/2017
Changes to Financial Services Regulation

AcroExch.Document440 Kb18/8/2017
Shareholders Disputes

AcroExch.Document393 Kb16/8/2017
Discovery in Insurance – Cover Slip

AcroExch.Document480 Kb15/8/2017
GDPR Judicial Remedies

AcroExch.Document414 Kb26/7/2017
GDPR: Administrative Sanctions

AcroExch.Document423 Kb20/7/2017
Central Bank Enforcement Division

AcroExch.Document389 Kb5/7/2017
Insurance (Amendment) Bill 2017 to be drafted

AcroExch.Document425 Kb5/7/2017
Publication of the General Scheme of the Personal Injuries Assessment Board (Amendment) Bill 2017

AcroExch.Document333 Kb30/6/2017
Legal Representation in Internal Employment Procedures

AcroExch.Document336 Kb29/6/2017
Warehousing and Insolvency Plans - Re: Callaghan

AcroExch.Document474 Kb28/6/2017
Limitation Periods and Investment Schemes - Cantrell v AIB

AcroExch.Document507 Kb28/6/2017
Does it Serve to Enquire? - Obligations on a Summons Server to Make Reasonable Enquiries

AcroExch.Document468 Kb27/6/2017
The Scope of Negligent Misstatement

AcroExch.Document422 Kb23/6/2017
Disciplinary Procedures and Claims for Bullying and Harassment. Ruffley v St Anne's School

AcroExch.Document428 Kb16/6/2017
Defamation and Offer of Amends

AcroExch.Document410 Kb29/5/2017
Supreme Court Rules against Litigation Funding in Ireland in Persona Judgment

AcroExch.Document387 Kb23/5/2017
Dardis Judgment - “Totally Unrealistic” Claims and Costs Implications

AcroExch.Document397 Kb12/5/2017
New Rules of Court on Personal Injuries Assessment Board

AcroExch.Document375 Kb12/5/2017
Litigation Newsletter - April 2017

AcroExch.Document462 Kb8/5/2017
Litigation Personal Injuries Newsletter - April 2017

AcroExch.Document406 Kb8/5/2017
Mediation Fits the Bill

AcroExch.Document373 Kb7/4/2017
TUPE or not TUPE? that is the question

AcroExch.Document385 Kb28/3/2017
Litigation Funding Update - March 2017

AcroExch.Document431 Kb8/3/2017
The Insurance Discount Rate Ireland and UK Feb 2017

AcroExch.Document343 Kb28/2/2017
Cost of Insurance Report - Published

AcroExch.Document331 Kb16/1/2017
Damages for Breach of Undertakings

AcroExch.Document358 Kb30/11/2016
Paternity Leave in Ireland.

AcroExch.Document371 Kb24/8/2016
The Rights and Wrongs of Ship Arrest in Ireland

AcroExch.Document5,379 Kb3/3/2016
Recognition of Foreign Judgments under the Brussels Regime – the Public Policy Exception

AcroExch.Document3,231 Kb23/2/2016
Supreme Court provides welcome clarity on the Bankers Books Evidence Acts

AcroExch.Document4,594 Kb3/2/2016
The Workplace Relations Act 2015

AcroExch.Document145 Kb24/9/2015
Registered Employment Agreements to be given statutory basis

AcroExch.Document4,841 Kb30/7/2015
Bank of Ireland Mortgage Bank v. Finnegan & Ward - A New Challenge to Possession Proceedings in the Circuit Court

AcroExch.Document5,212 Kb27/5/2015
Possession Orders and the Code of Conduct on Mortgage Arrears

AcroExch.Document3,168 Kb21/5/2015
Supreme Court looks at the requirement for registration of ownership of charges – Ruling in ‘Tom Kavanagh & Bank of Scotland PLC v Patrick McLaughlin & Roseann McLaughlin’ [2015] IESC 27

AcroExch.Document5,503 Kb30/4/2015
Cross-Border Disputes – the Recast Brussels Regulation

AcroExch.Document3,098 Kb22/4/2015
The standard of proof for service of demand letters – Ruling in ‘Declan McDonald v Thomas Michael Hill’ [2014] IEHC 629 (Judgment delivered 25 November 2014)

AcroExch.Document4,742 Kb3/3/2015
The ‘best evidence rule’ – ‘ACC Bank Plc v Michael Byrne and Sean O'Toole’ and the Bankers Book Evidence Act

AcroExch.Document1,971 Kb3/3/2015
Ireland’s New Court of Appeal

AcroExch.Document3,044 Kb18/2/2015
The “Whistle-Blowers” Regime in Ireland

AcroExch.Document3,010 Kb12/2/2015
Companies Bill 2012: Insolvency

AcroExch.Document4,849 Kb7/10/2014
Administrative Sanctions Settlement Procedure

AcroExch.Document3,062 Kb9/7/2014
Delay and Prejudice

AcroExch.Document3,118 Kb6/6/2014
Service of Judicial Proceedings Outside Ireland

AcroExch.Document1,289 Kb31/5/2014
Recent Developments - Conduct of Creditors' Meetings

AcroExch.Document4,846 Kb17/2/2014
Best Endeavours

AcroExch.Document3,023 Kb13/2/2014
Legal Privilege

AcroExch.Document3,059 Kb13/2/2014
Changes to Monetary Jurisdiction of Civil Courts

AcroExch.Document2,649 Kb4/2/2014
Increase in Mental Distress Payments in Wrongful Death Cases

AcroExch.Document2,636 Kb4/2/2014
Personal Insolvency Act 2012, A Secured Creditor's Perspective

AcroExch.Document2,649 Kb6/6/2013
Dillon Eustace Regulatory and Administrative Sanctions Unit

AcroExch.Document187 Kb7/5/2013
Litigation Update - The Cayman Islands and The British Virgin Islands (BVI)

AcroExch.Document295 Kb22/4/2013
Duties of solicitors appointed by insurers

AcroExch.Document418 Kb7/11/2012
Methods of obtaining evidence in Ireland

AcroExch.Document3,436 Kb31/10/2012
Personal Injuries Assessment Board Acts and Limitation Periods

AcroExch.Document419 Kb19/10/2012
Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Ireland

AcroExch.Document444 Kb19/10/2012
Injunctions - An Overview

AcroExch.Document350 Kb19/10/2012
The Commercial Court

AcroExch.Document353 Kb19/10/2012
Calderbank Letters

AcroExch.Document424 Kb19/10/2012
Occupiers Liability – An Update

AcroExch.Document258 Kb19/10/2012
Terms and condtions - On solid ground

AcroExch.Document76 Kb3/9/2012
Cross-Border Dispute Resolution

AcroExch.Document643 Kb10/8/2012
Privacy Law - High Court Vindicates Freedom of Press

AcroExch.Document44 Kb13/1/2011
Funds and Financial Services Dispute Resolution

AcroExch.Document41 Kb1/6/2010
Mediation in Commercial Disputes

John Doyle
AcroExch.Document42 Kb29/1/2010
Dublin Court Holds in Favour of Airline

AcroExch.Document38 Kb9/11/2009
New Rules in respect of Acquisitions in the Irish Financial Sector

Edel Coughlan
AcroExch.Document51 Kb14/10/2009
Credit Crunch - The Impending Litigation Wave

AcroExch.Document42 Kb12/9/2008
Bodily Injury and the Montreal Convention

AcroExch.Document44 Kb1/8/2008
Equality Before the Law

AcroExch.Document46 Kb12/9/2007
Arresting Ship in Ireland

AcroExch.Document40 Kb1/9/2007
Prevention of Air Pollution from Ships

AcroExch.Document37 Kb1/9/2007
Negligent Misstatement

AcroExch.Document39 Kb1/9/2007
Directors in the Dock

AcroExch.Document46 Kb1/9/2006
Departing Employees – Protecting the Family Silver

AcroExch.Document46 Kb1/9/2005