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Irish Stock Exchange Becomes Euronext Dublin

AcroExch.Document225 Kb28/3/2018
ESMA updates Market Abuse Regulation Q&A - Nov 2017

AcroExch.Document451 Kb23/11/2017
Publication of Prospectus Regulation - July 2017

AcroExch.Document164 Kb19/7/2017
Suspicious Transaction and Order Reporting under MAR - Implications for EU Asset Managers

AcroExch.Document135 Kb23/6/2017
Settlement of Irish Securities post Brexit

AcroExch.Document147 Kb7/6/2017
Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) Codes MiFID II Requirements and Regulatory update

AcroExch.Document164 Kb7/6/2017
Market Abuse A New Regime for Debt Issuers

AcroExch.Document488 Kb22/5/2017
Central Bank publishes new consultation on ETF's

AcroExch.Document405 Kb16/5/2017
Investment Funds - GEM and MSM listings

AcroExch.Document409 Kb27/4/2017
Shari'ah compliant securities listing on the Irish Stock Exchange

AcroExch.Document401 Kb13/4/2017
Irish Stock Exchange Continuing Obligations Requirements (GEM) - Jan 2017

AcroExch.Document399 Kb13/1/2017
Irish Stock Exchange Continuing Obligations Requirements (MSM) - Jan 2017

AcroExch.Document399 Kb13/1/2017
Bringing ETFs to Market - Listings in Europe (November 2016)

AcroExch.Document433 Kb16/11/2016
Market Abuse Regulation - Update

AcroExch.Document186 Kb22/9/2016
Market Abuse A New Regime for Investment Funds

AcroExch.Document154 Kb8/7/2016
Listing and Trading UCITS on Borsa Italiana

AcroExch.Document159 Kb13/4/2016
Statutory Audit Directive - Deadlines

AcroExch.Document470 Kb5/4/2016
Global Exchange Market Investment Funds

AcroExch.Document7,659 Kb1/4/2016
Market Abuse Directive II - Changes in the Market Abuse Regime - Investment Funds and Debt Issuers

AcroExch.Document5,010 Kb1/3/2016
Prospectus Regulation

AcroExch.Document7,699 Kb4/12/2015
Bringing ETFS to Market - Listing in Europe

AcroExch.Document72 Kb27/11/2015
Guide to listing Investment Funds on the Irish Stock Exchange

AcroExch.Document599 Kb17/11/2015
Statutory Audit Directive Auditor Rotation

AcroExch.Document417 Kb12/10/2015
New ISE NAV Submission Process Due September 2015

AcroExch.Document426 Kb7/9/2015
Specialist Debt - Dillon Eustace Approved as a Listing Agent in the Cayman Islands

AcroExch.Document4,859 Kb2/3/2015
Aviation listings on the Irish Stock Exchange increase

AcroExch.Document5,584 Kb4/12/2014
ISE Debt Listings - Continued Strong Performance

AcroExch.Document7,678 Kb3/12/2014
ISE removes daily disclosure requirement for Actively-Managed ETFs listed on ISE

AcroExch.Document7,545 Kb20/11/2014
Admission of Irish ETFs to Trading on the London Stock Exchange

AcroExch.Document158 Kb7/10/2014
Irish Stock Exchange launches ISEFundHub and New Website

AcroExch.Document3,010 Kb7/10/2014
Statutory Audit Directive - Listed Funds

AcroExch.Document1,319 Kb8/5/2014
Irish Stock Exchange to Launch Dedicated Exchange for Aviation Finance

AcroExch.Document4,434 Kb22/1/2014
ISE Issues Revised ISE Open Ended Listing Rules

AcroExch.Document360 Kb9/7/2013
Debt Listing on the Irish Stock Exchange

AcroExch.Document113 Kb8/5/2013
Policy Update August 2012

AcroExch.Document261 Kb10/9/2012
ISE Continuing Obligations Requirements

AcroExch.Document64 Kb24/4/2012
New notification forms for PDMR notifications under MAD

AcroExch.Document74 Kb12/2/2012
Prime Broker - Credit Rating Change - July 2011 DF1

AcroExch.Document59 Kb8/7/2011
Active ETF ISE Policy

AcroExch.Document41 Kb1/3/2011
Market Abuse Reporting Update - Listed Funds

AcroExch.Document36 Kb23/9/2010
Relisting of Dormant Classes on Irish Stock Exchange

Tara O'Callaghan
AcroExch.Document37 Kb16/12/2009
Listing Funds Obligation

Tara O'Callaghan

AcroExch.Document40 Kb11/10/2009
Market Abuse Directive

AcroExch.Document44 Kb1/3/2009
A Guide to Funds Listing in Ireland

AcroExch.Document277 Kb1/1/2009
Transparency Directive

AcroExch.Document46 Kb1/7/2007