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In The Press

A whistle-stop tour of Irish whistleblowing legislation

AcroExch.Document111 Kb5/4/2018
Expanded enforcement and potentially colossal fines on the way under GDPR

AcroExch.Document81 Kb19/12/2017
Expanded enforcement and 'potentially colossal' fines on the way under GDPR

AcroExch.Document110 Kb4/10/2017
Conor Houlihan discusses with Global Capital Irish NPL lessons for Italy

AcroExch.Document44 Kb23/8/2017
The Banker Magazine - Banks should heed ECB guidance on bad loans

AcroExch.Document120 Kb16/6/2017
Practical law - A brief guide to marketing investment funds in the EU

AcroExch.Document1,528 Kb13/6/2017
Accountancy Ireland - Under the spotlight of the Central Bank

AcroExch.Document344 Kb12/6/2017
The future of redress ? A consideration of the Tracker Mortgage Examination.

AcroExch.Document352 Kb6/6/2017
Dillon Eustace partner Brian Kelliher talks HFM about Marketing Investment Funds into Europe

Brian Kelliher, John Kennedy and Michael Tansley, of Dillon Eustace, reflect on some of the practical considerations managers should be aware of when marketing investment funds in Europe
AcroExch.Document2,565 Kb5/5/2017
Muireann Reedy Quarterly Regulatory Investigations update in Finance Dublin on the consequences of admission in ASP settlements

AcroExch.Document1,983 Kb28/2/2017
Partner Cillian Bredin comments in Funds Europe on the CBI new guidance on Funds Governance.

AcroExch.Document2,186 Kb24/2/2017
Partner Donnacha O'Connor talks to Hedgeweek on the benefits of Ireland for Alternative Investments

AcroExch.Document179 Kb22/2/2017
Britain, Brexit & Financial Services

AcroExch.Document712 Kb8/12/2016
Read Muireann Reedy of Dillon Eustace Quarterly Regulatory Investigations update in Finance Dublin.

AcroExch.Document1,775 Kb30/11/2016
A new approach to financing business in Ireland is needed

AcroExch.Document1,120 Kb4/11/2016
Terms and condtions: On solid ground

AcroExch.Document76 Kb3/9/2012
Dillon Eustace discuss the AIFMD in Financier Worldwide’s August 2012 Private Equity Special Report

AcroExch.Document1,238 Kb7/8/2012
HedgeWeek’s 2012 Guide to Setting up Alternative Funds featuring Dillon Eustace

AcroExch.Document509 Kb9/7/2012
Actuarial Post - Irish Private Health Insurance Market post ECJ’s VHI Decision

AcroExch.Document15 Kb3/2/2012
Lawyer Monthly – Insurance & Reinsurance – Ireland

AcroExch.Document341 Kb3/2/2012
Actuarial Post – Public Sector Pensions Reform in Ireland

AcroExch.Document48 Kb3/2/2012
Parchment - Over-subscribed and/or under-funded? An assessment of the operation of the Fair Deal Scheme

AcroExch.Document4,241 Kb3/2/2012
Opportunities that Irish fund structures hold for the Latam region

AcroExch.Document558 Kb3/1/2012
PROMOTERS Where and Who?

Brian Dillon looks at where the promoters of Irish Regulated Funds are from and where they are distributing their Funds
AcroExch.Document442 Kb7/12/2011
Dillon Eustace - Financial Times - 5th December 11

AcroExch.Document227 Kb5/12/2011
Dillon Eustace - Ignites Asia - 24th November 11

AcroExch.Document27 Kb24/11/2011
The Hedgeweek Guide to setting up Alternative Investment Funds 2011

As of February, 2011 there were approximately E971
billion in total net assets in funds domiciled in Ireland
(source: Irish Funds Industry Association).
Domiciled and administered fund assets by category:
All data as of 31 December 2010
AcroExch.Document316 Kb8/8/2011
Ireland as a domicile for private equity funds

By Donnacha O'Connor & Sean Murray

Private equity firms may need to use a wide variety of legal structures and domiciles to conduct their operations efficiently. Ireland is well known as a fund domicile, and though it is perhaps better known as a domicile for UCITS funds and hedge funds, it is home to a growing number of private equity funds. It has been home to a funds industry for over 20 years and hosts or services the funds of over 850 international sponsors currently across all asset classes representing close to €2 trillion in assets.

AcroExch.Document958 Kb8/8/2011
Ireland's Noonan: Bank Plans Near Burden Sharing Goal

DUBLIN (Dow Jones)--Irish Finance Minister Michael Noonan said plans by the Bank of Ireland Plc and other stricken lenders to make junior debt holders share the cost of recapitalizing the banks were in line with the government's aim of "appropriate" burden sharing.

AcroExch.Document122 Kb9/6/2011
Actuarial Post Coverage

Ireland - Increased corporate requirements for Insurers
By Tom Carney, Partner at Dillon Eustace
AcroExch.Document137 Kb9/6/2011
Ireland defends its asset management and fund servicing industry

Ireland’s banking system and its wider economy has attracted a lot of bad press, raising questions about how its recently thriving asset management and fund servicing industry will be affected.

AcroExch.Document178 Kb8/6/2011
The Hedge Fund Journal - Dillon Eustace Article

If you would like to know more on this or would like to receive the Dillon Eustace Newsletter please email
AcroExch.Document953 Kb20/4/2011
UCITS Evolution: Plain Vanilla to Alternatives

The article 'UCITS Evolution: Plain Vanilla to Alternatives' by Derbhil O'Riordan was first published in LatAm Fund Manager, MENA Fund Manager and Asia Fund Manager

If you would like to know more on this please email Derbhil O'Riordan

AcroExch.Document543 Kb2/4/2011
HFM Week - Ireland Report 2011

AcroExch.Document753 Kb23/3/2011
Ireland's NAMA Loses McKillen Appeal on Loan Transfer

Conor Houlihan quoted in Bloomberg News ''Irelands NAMA Loses McKillen Appeal on Loan Transfer" If you would like to know more on this please email

AcroExch.Document35 Kb9/2/2011
HR and Asking the Guy on the Luas

This article was published on Please contact John Doyle if you would like more information

AcroExch.Document370 Kb9/2/2011
Taxation of Collective Investment Funds and Availability of Treaty Benefits

AcroExch.Document139 Kb7/2/2011
Duty of care: Implications from a recent court case

by John O'Riordan

This article was first published in Accounting and Business Ireland - January 2011

AcroExch.Document2,858 Kb1/2/2011
Why some Irish eyes are still smiling - Brian Dillon quoted in Financial News

If you have a question regarding this piece please email Brian Dillon
AcroExch.Document27 Kb30/11/2010
Irish Court Rules Against Developer

Conor Houlihan quoted in the Wall Street Journal - 1st November 2010
AcroExch.Document112 Kb17/11/2010
Market braces itself for fallout from forced loan extensions - Conor Houlihan quoted in article published in Structured Credit Investor 5 November 2010

AcroExch.Document72 Kb6/11/2010
Ireland's NAMA Survives McKillen Legal Challenge

AcroExch.Document151 Kb5/11/2010
Cayman unit trust's Irish move - Brian Dillon quoted in the FTfm 1st November 2010

If you would like to know more on this topic please email Brian Dillon
AcroExch.Document115 Kb2/11/2010
NAMA Upside - Conor Houlihan discusses investment opportunities in Irish Distressed debt

This articles was published in Structured Credit Investor on 20th October 2010



AcroExch.Document87 Kb21/10/2010
First ETF listed in the Emirates

By Brian Kelliher

This article was published in The ETF Radar Magazine 2010 - 3rd quarter issue.

AcroExch.Document233 Kb25/6/2010
Tom Carney writes in Captive Review - Ireland Report 2010

AcroExch.Document572 Kb10/6/2010
Uncertain Times for Regulation of Funds Industry

By Andrew Bates

This article was published in the Global Funds Ireland - Investor Services Journal june 2010

AcroExch.Document3,152 Kb9/6/2010
PLC Cross-Border Investment Funds Handbook - Q&A Ireland

By Benedicte O'Connor and Brian Dillon
AcroExch.Document2,792 Kb5/5/2010
A new regulatory landscape for alternative investment and non-UCITS in Europe – but in what form?

This article first appeared in the print edition of the International Bar Association’s Investment Fund Newsletter September, 2009. © International Bar Association. All rights reserved.


AcroExch.Document406 Kb11/11/2009
Getting the deal through - Air Transport 2010

Ireland Chapter by Kieran Cowhey, Andrew Lawless and Tom Carney

AcroExch.Document704 Kb1/10/2009
Analyse this - China and Ireland

Brian Dillon
AcroExch.Document690 Kb20/9/2009
Corporate recovery supplement in the Sunday Business Post

"Debt is an international issue" Sunday Business Post September 13th 2009 Lorcan Tiernan and Conor Houlihan
AcroExch.Document4,796 Kb13/9/2009
Structuring Shari’a compliant investment funds in Ireland

Corporate INTL - Brian Dillon
AcroExch.Document117 Kb1/8/2009
Competition Law supplement in the Sunday Business Post

"Play by the rules or suffer the effects" Sunday Business Post July 19th 2009 Tom Carney and John Doyle

AcroExch.Document5,199 Kb19/7/2009
Insurance in Ireland - Andrew Bates
AcroExch.Document53 Kb7/7/2009
Corporate Insolvency in Ireland

BNA International - Lorcan Tiernan and Adrian Benson
AcroExch.Document1,558 Kb1/6/2009
Fund Administrators Under Increasing Scrutiny From Promoters

Finance Dublin Magazine April 2009 - Derbhil O'Riordan
AcroExch.Document20 Kb2/4/2009
An Inconvenient Truth in EU Law

Kieran Cowhey
AcroExch.Document3,135 Kb14/3/2009
Investment Funds – How the taxation environment in Ireland continues to lead the way

BNA Interational - David Lawless and Sean Murray
AcroExch.Document1,033 Kb1/2/2009
Corporate Recovery & Insolvency 2009

Global Legal Group - Lorcan Tiernan & Adrian Benson
AcroExch.Document123 Kb1/1/2009
Getting the deal through

Private Equity 2009 - Andrew Lawless and Sean Murray
AcroExch.Document650 Kb1/1/2009
Managing Liquidity

Hedge Fund Manager Ireland 2009 - Stephen Carty
AcroExch.Document1,530 Kb1/1/2009
Ireland: A Gateway to China and Japan

International Tax Review - David Lawless
AcroExch.Document235 Kb1/7/2008
Across the board assistance

Hedgeweek June 2008 - Donnacha O'Connor
AcroExch.Document2,313 Kb1/6/2008
Ireland: Green light for success

Hedge Funds Review - June 2008
AcroExch.Document5,700 Kb1/6/2008
Continued evolution of Ireland’s funds industry

Andrew Bates
AcroExch.Document304 Kb1/2/2008
Raising The Standards

Hedge Fund Manager Ireland 2008 - Donnacha O'Connor
AcroExch.Document5,918 Kb1/1/2008