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Financial Services

Central Bank Consultation on CBI UCITS Regulations

AcroExch.Document516 Kb20/4/2018
Investment Firms Quarterly Legal and Regulatory Update 1 Jan. - 31 Mar. 2018

AcroExch.Document826 Kb19/4/2018
Funds Quarterly Legal and Regulatory Update 1 January - 31 March 2018

AcroExch.Document781 Kb11/4/2018
ESMA agrees to prohibit binary options and restrict CFDs to protect retail investors

AcroExch.Document138 Kb28/3/2018
Proposed Changes to EU Cross-Border Fund Distribution Rules

AcroExch.Document475 Kb20/3/2018
Central Bank Communication: ESMA’s Opinions on Brexit

AcroExch.Document426 Kb16/3/2018
Thematic Inspection of Performance Fees

AcroExch.Document392 Kb15/3/2018
Brexit - EU Commission issues Notice to Stakeholders in the Asset Management industry

AcroExch.Document386 Kb15/2/2018
CBI publishes notice of intention to amend the requirements for Loan Origination Qualifying Investor AIF

AcroExch.Document344 Kb9/2/2018
PRIIP, SFTR and BMR Update-Publication of Irish Regulations

AcroExch.Document452 Kb7/2/2018
Funds Breakfast Briefing 31st January 2018

AcroExch.Document533 Kb31/1/2018
Second edition of the Central Bank Investment Firms Regulations

AcroExch.Document394 Kb12/1/2018
Investment Firms Quarterly Legal and Regulatory Update Oct. - Dec. 2017

AcroExch.Document883 Kb8/1/2018
Funds Quarterly Legal and Regulatory Update 1 Oct. - 31 Dec. 2017

AcroExch.Document718 Kb5/1/2018
EMIR Update – CBI issues statement on the Variation Margin requirements

AcroExch.Document264 Kb20/12/2017
New "Additional Supervisory Levy" on investment funds introduced by Central Bank on 1 Dec 2017

AcroExch.Document347 Kb5/12/2017
CBI, ETFs - Stability and Growth Conference 29th Nov. 2017

AcroExch.Document412 Kb1/12/2017
ESMA’s Final Report on the Money Market Fund Regulation

AcroExch.Document451 Kb24/11/2017
MiFID II: SEC publishes "no-action" relief in respect of research payments to US brokers

AcroExch.Document134 Kb27/10/2017
Benchmark Regulations - What does it mean for funds?

AcroExch.Document264 Kb18/10/2017
MiFID II Transaction Reporting

AcroExch.Document151 Kb12/10/2017
Investment Firms Quarterly Legal and Regulatory Update July–September 2017

AcroExch.Document747 Kb9/10/2017
Funds Quarterly Legislative Update July to September 2017

AcroExch.Document621 Kb5/10/2017
Dillon Eustace breakfast briefing notes on Irish Funds Regulatory Update (The Marker 21st of September 2017)

AcroExch.Document653 Kb21/9/2017
Central Bank Minimum Competency Standards September 2017

AcroExch.Document458 Kb8/9/2017
Changes to Financial Services Regulation

AcroExch.Document440 Kb18/8/2017
Proposals for EMIR Reform

AcroExch.Document135 Kb9/8/2017
A Guide to Selling Regulated Investment Funds in Asia

AcroExch.Document526 Kb9/8/2017
CBI UCITS (Amendment) Regulations 2017

AcroExch.Document515 Kb4/8/2017
A Guide to Money Market Funds under the MMFR

AcroExch.Document499 Kb3/8/2017
Building investment fund structures - Hedgeweek Article

AcroExch.Document569 Kb2/8/2017
ESMA’s Brexit Opinion on Investment Management

AcroExch.Document294 Kb28/7/2017
Central Bank's Brexit FAQ

AcroExch.Document204 Kb28/7/2017
MiFID II DOF Feedback Statement Third Country Safe Harbour

AcroExch.Document395 Kb26/7/2017
Investment Firms Quarterly Legal Update April-June 2017

AcroExch.Document691 Kb11/7/2017
Funds Quarterly Legislative Update April-June 2017

AcroExch.Document704 Kb10/7/2017
Pan European Personal Pension Product

AcroExch.Document467 Kb30/6/2017
MiFID II Inducements

AcroExch.Document109 Kb21/6/2017
MiFID II Product Governance

AcroExch.Document119 Kb21/6/2017
Alternative Investment Funds 2017 - The International Comparative Legal Guide on Ireland

AcroExch.Document694 Kb16/6/2017
Irish Loan Origination Funds - June 2017

AcroExch.Document592 Kb15/6/2017
A Guide to Multi-Manager Funds in Ireland

AcroExch.Document529 Kb8/6/2017
ESMA's Brexit Reminder

AcroExch.Document435 Kb1/6/2017
Funds Regulatory breakfast briefing - 1st June 2017

AcroExch.Document363 Kb1/6/2017
Irish Immigrant Investor Programme and Start-up Entrepreneur Programme

AcroExch.Document377 Kb25/5/2017
Ireland: Your Post-Brexit Passport to Europe

AcroExch.Document586 Kb25/5/2017
Time to start PRIIParing!

AcroExch.Document151 Kb25/5/2017
Central Bank publishes new consultation on ETF's

AcroExch.Document405 Kb16/5/2017
Settlement of Irish Securities post Brexit

AcroExch.Document147 Kb7/5/2017
Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) Codes – MiFID II Requirements and Regulatory update

AcroExch.Document164 Kb7/5/2017
Investment Firms QLU Jan-Mar 2017

AcroExch.Document353 Kb25/4/2017
Funds Quarterly Legislative Update 1 Jan 2017 to 31 March 2017

AcroExch.Document705 Kb7/4/2017
New Central Banks Investment Firms Regulations - March 2017

AcroExch.Document261 Kb15/3/2017
Central Bank Consults on CFDs for Retail Investors

AcroExch.Document436 Kb9/3/2017
Implementing EMIRs variation margin rules for uncleared derivatives - Feb 2017

AcroExch.Document452 Kb23/2/2017
Loan Originating QIAIFs - Central Bank Update - January 2017

AcroExch.Document309 Kb2/2/2017
ESMA Opinion on UCITS Share Classes

AcroExch.Document256 Kb1/2/2017
Irish Funds get access to Chinese markets via RQFII

AcroExch.Document336 Kb21/12/2016
Central Bank Publishes Outcome of Third Consultation Paper on Management Company Effectiveness

AcroExch.Document458 Kb20/12/2016
The Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect has launched and the Central Bank of Ireland is ready to accept applications

AcroExch.Document397 Kb14/12/2016
Dillon Eustace -Funds Foreign Registration Service

AcroExch.Document361 Kb12/12/2016
Funds Quarterly Legislative Update 1 October - 31 December 2016

AcroExch.Document717 Kb10/12/2016
Britain, Brexit and Financial Markets

AcroExch.Document712 Kb8/12/2016
Loan Originating QIAIFs - Central Bank Publishes Update - November 2016

AcroExch.Document431 Kb1/12/2016
The Securities Financing Transaction Regulation -upcoming Jan 2017 deadline

AcroExch.Document502 Kb17/11/2016
A Guide to UCITS ETFs in Ireland (November 2016)

AcroExch.Document508 Kb16/11/2016
Investment Firms Quarterly Legal and Regulatory Update 1 July to 30 September 2016

AcroExch.Document748 Kb18/10/2016
Funds Quarterly Legal and Regulatory Update 1 July to 30 September 2016

AcroExch.Document778 Kb7/10/2016
How to set up a UCITS Management Company in Ireland

AcroExch.Document454 Kb4/10/2016
Market Abuse Regulation - Update

AcroExch.Document186 Kb22/9/2016
How to Set Up an AIFM in Ireland

AcroExch.Document399 Kb31/8/2016
Investment Firms Quarterly Legal and Regulatory Update 1 April 2016 to 30 June 2016

AcroExch.Document507 Kb15/7/2016
Market Abuse A New Regime for Investment Funds

AcroExch.Document154 Kb8/7/2016
Funds Quarterly Legal and Regulatory Update 1 April 2016 to 30 June 2016

AcroExch.Document849 Kb8/7/2016
What’s Next for Post-Brexit Fund Management ?

AcroExch.Document8,750 Kb24/6/2016
Publication of Guidelines on IMR Reporting Obligations

AcroExch.Document6,989 Kb22/6/2016
Central Bank UCITS (Amendment) Regulations 2016

AcroExch.Document5,397 Kb17/6/2016
PRIIPs Regulation - 31 December 2016 Deadline still applies

AcroExch.Document413 Kb8/6/2016
Central Bank Publishes its Final Consultation Paper on Fund Management Company Effectiveness

AcroExch.Document4,475 Kb3/6/2016
International Comparative Legal Guide to Alternative Investment Funds 2016 - Ireland Chapter contributed by Dillon Eustace

AcroExch.Document650 Kb3/6/2016
Directors' Compliance Statement under the Companies Act 2014 - Impact on a UCITS plc and Fund Service Providers

AcroExch.Document449 Kb24/5/2016
Ireland as a Domicile for Special Purpose Vehicles

AcroExch.Document506 Kb18/5/2016
The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

AcroExch.Document5,382 Kb16/5/2016
Brexit – an Irish Perspective

AcroExch.Document514 Kb28/4/2016
ESMA Discussion Paper on UCITS Share Classes

AcroExch.Document9,102 Kb11/4/2016
Investment Firms Quarterly Legal and Regulatory Update 1 January 2016 to 31 March 2016

AcroExch.Document638 Kb11/4/2016
Funds Quarterly Legal and Regulatory Update 1 January 2016 to 31 March 2016

AcroExch.Document840 Kb5/4/2016
ESMA Guidelines on Sound Remuneration Policies under the UCITS Directive and AIFMD

AcroExch.Document390 Kb4/4/2016
UCITS V Update - Irish UCITS V Regulations

AcroExch.Document13,945 Kb24/3/2016
Investor Money Regulations Update

AcroExch.Document368 Kb2/3/2016
Market Abuse Directive II - Changes in the Market Abuse Regime - Investment Funds and Debt Issuers

AcroExch.Document5,010 Kb1/3/2016
ESMA Statement on Potential Closet Index Tracking

AcroExch.Document345 Kb26/2/2016
The Advantages of ICAVs

AcroExch.Document500 Kb26/2/2016
ESMA AIFMD Passport for Non-EU AIFMs and AIFs

AcroExch.Document5,531 Kb23/2/2016
UCITS V Update - Timing Requirements

AcroExch.Document427 Kb12/2/2016
Guide To Marketing Investment Funds In EU - Practical Law – Investment Funds Global Guide 2016

AcroExch.Document1,845 Kb5/2/2016
Jersey added as a jurisdiction for ICAV migration

AcroExch.Document400 Kb4/2/2016
Funds Quarterly Legislative Update 1 October 2015 to 31 December 2015

AcroExch.Document480 Kb13/1/2016
Investment Firms Quarterly Legal and Regulatory Update 1 October 2015 to 30 December 2015

AcroExch.Document527 Kb13/1/2016
The Central Bank Consults on Amendments to AIF Rulebook

AcroExch.Document3,592 Kb11/1/2016
GFM Special Report: Ireland as a Hedge Funds Jurisdiction

AcroExch.Document1,276 Kb18/12/2015
The Securities Financing Transaction Regulation

AcroExch.Document502 Kb10/12/2015
Prospectus Regulation

AcroExch.Document7,699 Kb4/12/2015
A Guide to Qualifying Investor AIFs (2nd Edition)

AcroExch.Document953 Kb16/10/2015
Investment Firms Quarterly Legal and Regulatory Update 1 July 2015 to 30 Sept 2015

AcroExch.Document306 Kb13/10/2015
Funds Quarterly Legal and Regulatory Update 1 July 2015 to 30 September 2015

AcroExch.Document293 Kb9/10/2015
Capital Markets Union

AcroExch.Document5,563 Kb9/10/2015
New Central Bank UCITS Regulations

AcroExch.Document240 Kb7/10/2015
Update on the Central Bank Themed Inspections on Cyber-Security

AcroExch.Document7,870 Kb5/10/2015
ESMA Consults on UCITS Remuneration Guidelines and AIFMD

AcroExch.Document5,508 Kb4/8/2015
ESMA Issues Advice and Opinion on for European Passport Extension

AcroExch.Document1,370 Kb30/7/2015
ESMA Delays Issue of Passport Opinion

AcroExch.Document1,729 Kb22/7/2015
Central Bank’s Expectation on Client Categorisation as a Result of Themed Inspection

AcroExch.Document7,086 Kb17/7/2015
Central Bank Consultation Paper on Corporate Governance for Investment Firms

AcroExch.Document6,527 Kb17/7/2015
Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect-Update

AcroExch.Document5,097 Kb16/7/2015
Cayman Funds Preparing for European Passport Extension

AcroExch.Document1,742 Kb13/7/2015
Investment Firms Quarterly Legal and Regulatory Update 1 April 2015 to 30 June 2015

AcroExch.Document682 Kb9/7/2015
Funds Quarterly Legal and Regulatory Update 1 April 2015 to 30 June 2015

AcroExch.Document542 Kb9/7/2015
Fund Management Company Boards – Latest Update from Central Bank

AcroExch.Document1,328 Kb25/6/2015
A Guide to UCITS in Ireland

AcroExch.Document1,050 Kb15/6/2015
International Comparative Legal Guide to Alternative Investment Funds 2015-Ireland Chapter contributed by Dillon Eustace

AcroExch.Document698 Kb5/6/2015
EU Capital Markets Union

AcroExch.Document4,778 Kb20/5/2015
Client Asset Requirements for Fund Service Providers

AcroExch.Document159 Kb22/4/2015
Client Asset Requirements for Investment Firms

AcroExch.Document158 Kb22/4/2015
Funds Quarterly Legal and Regulatory Update 1 January 2015 to 31 March 2015

AcroExch.Document1,574 Kb9/4/2015
Investment Firms Quarterly Legal and Regulatory Update 1 January 2015 to 31 March 2015

AcroExch.Document2,048 Kb9/4/2015
 (unavailable)File Removed Kb0
Opportunities post AIFMD – The sky is the Limit

AcroExch.Document3,158 Kb6/3/2015
ICAV legislation enacted

AcroExch.Document350 Kb6/3/2015
Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect-Update

AcroExch.Document3,180 Kb24/2/2015
Funds Quarterly Legal and Regulatory Update Q1 2015

AcroExch.Document1,543 Kb13/1/2015
Investment Firms Legal and Regulatory Update Q1 2015

AcroExch.Document1,408 Kb13/1/2015
ESMA Discussion Paper on UCITS Share Classes

AcroExch.Document384 Kb8/1/2015
Dillon Eustace discusses Cayman Hedge Fund Transparency in the IFC Caribbean Review 2015

AcroExch.Document175 Kb8/1/2015
ESMA issues technical advice to the EU Commission on (i) insolvency protection when delegating safekeeping functions and (ii) depositary independence

AcroExch.Document387 Kb4/12/2014
Exchange Traded Funds and the UCITS Framework

AcroExch.Document11,136 Kb14/11/2014
ESMA Call for Evidence on the extension of the AIFMD EU Passport to Third Countries

AcroExch.Document5,039 Kb12/11/2014
Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect – Launch Date Announced

AcroExch.Document7,068 Kb10/11/2014
Memorandum of Understanding between the IFIA and AMAC

AcroExch.Document3,157 Kb24/10/2014
Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect - The Train Steams Ahead

AcroExch.Document5,024 Kb14/10/2014
Funds Quarterly Legal and Regulatory Update Q4 2014

AcroExch.Document1,596 Kb8/10/2014
Investment Firms Quarterly Legal and Regulatory Update Q4 2014

AcroExch.Document1,530 Kb8/10/2014
Central Bank Consults on Fund Management Company Effectiveness – Delegate Oversight

AcroExch.Document265 Kb26/9/2014
Green Light for Loan Originating QIAIFs

AcroExch.Document332 Kb24/9/2014
UCITS V Update – Publication of the UCITS V Directive in the Official Journal

AcroExch.Document224 Kb29/8/2014
ICAV Update

AcroExch.Document244 Kb15/8/2014
Loan Origination QIAIFs

AcroExch.Document247 Kb29/7/2014
New IFIA Corporate Governance Code for Fund Service Providers

AcroExch.Document224 Kb29/7/2014
Investment Firms Quarterly Legal and Regulatory Update Q3 2014

AcroExch.Document1,045 Kb9/7/2014
Funds Quarterly Legal and Regulatory Update Q3 2014

AcroExch.Document1,631 Kb9/7/2014
Global Fund Media Guide to AIFMD 2014

AcroExch.Document1,675 Kb3/7/2014
ICLG - Alternative Investment Fund 2014

AcroExch.Document326 Kb26/6/2014
MiFID II - Implementation Imminent

AcroExch.Document96 Kb26/5/2014
UK Privy Council Decision on fund redemption process in Fairfield Sentry Limited

AcroExch.Document237 Kb12/5/2014
Statutory Audit Directive - Listed Funds

AcroExch.Document1,319 Kb8/5/2014
AIFMD – Updated Central Bank Q&A

AcroExch.Document2,585 Kb8/5/2014
Shanghai - Hong Kong Cross-Border Share Trading Plan

AcroExch.Document142 Kb29/4/2014
Irish Funds Grasp QFII and RQFII Opportunities

AcroExch.Document158 Kb29/4/2014
Funds Quarterly Legal and Regulatory Update Q2 2014

AcroExch.Document1,776 Kb8/4/2014
Central Bank Feedback on Exempt Unit Trusts, REITS and SPVs: Are they AIFs?

AcroExch.Document230 Kb8/4/2014
UCITS V Directive - Update

AcroExch.Document374 Kb7/4/2014
Hedgeweek Special Report April 2014 “The Irish ICAV: The dawning of a new era for the Irish funds industry” By Brian Kelliher and David Lawless

AcroExch.Document451 Kb3/4/2014
Updated ESMA Q&A on its Guidelines on ETFs and other UCITS Issues

AcroExch.Document5,186 Kb27/3/2014
How to Structure Single Investor Funds in Cayman

AcroExch.Document2,741 Kb3/3/2014
AIFMD New RTS distinguishes open and closed ended AIFs

AcroExch.Document225 Kb22/1/2014
ICAV - New Irish Corporate Fund Structure

AcroExch.Document7,776 Kb10/1/2014
Funds Quarterly Legislative Update Q1 2014

AcroExch.Document2,087 Kb9/1/2014
Central Bank consults on UCITS Rulebook

AcroExch.Document374 Kb7/1/2014
EMIR: A Guide for Irish Funds

AcroExch.Document277 Kb29/11/2013
ESMA - Guidelines on AIFMD Reporting Obligations

AcroExch.Document422 Kb16/10/2013
REITS: An Introduction and a new context after the implementation of AIFMD

AcroExch.Document280 Kb10/10/2013
Funds Quarterly Legal and Regulatory Update Q4 2013

AcroExch.Document1,776 Kb4/10/2013
EMIR - Update and Next Steps

AcroExch.Document536 Kb11/9/2013
CIMA Consultation on Corporate Governance Statement of Guidance for Mutual Funds

AcroExch.Document167 Kb10/9/2013
Central Bank Consults on the Authorisation Process for Investment Funds and Investment Firms

AcroExch.Document171 Kb31/7/2013
Central Bank Consults on Loan Originating Funds

AcroExch.Document407 Kb24/7/2013
Irish Funds-Gateway to the Chinese Securities Markets

AcroExch.Document448 Kb22/7/2013
Irish AIFMD Regulations Implemented

AcroExch.Document232 Kb18/7/2013
The European Venture Capital Fund Regulations

AcroExch.Document248 Kb17/7/2013
The European Social Entrepreneurship Fund Regulations

AcroExch.Document247 Kb17/7/2013
ABA Publication: ESMA Powers and Evolution

AcroExch.Document58 Kb8/7/2013
Funds Quarterly Legal and Regulatory Update Q3 2013

AcroExch.Document1,142 Kb8/7/2013
European Long Term Investment Funds

AcroExch.Document346 Kb28/6/2013
Dillon Eustace’s contribution to Rothstein Kass’ Newsletter on the impact of AIFMD on US managers’ remuneration structures

AcroExch.Document125 Kb27/6/2013
Ireland Chapter of The International Comparative Legal Guide to Alternative Investment Funds 2013

AcroExch.Document207 Kb20/6/2013
Connected Party Transactions Client Briefing

AcroExch.Document418 Kb30/5/2013
AIFM - Newsletter - May 2013

AcroExch.Document371 Kb17/5/2013
AIFMD - Implications for Non-EU Managers of Cayman Funds - HFM Week Article

AcroExch.Document515 Kb24/4/2013
Funds Quarterly Legal and Regulatory Update Q2 2013

AcroExch.Document1,298 Kb19/4/2013
American Lawyer Article: Implications for Non-EU Managers of Cayman Funds Under AIFMD

AcroExch.Document164 Kb5/4/2013
Summary of ESMA’s Q&A on its Guidelines on ETFs and other UCITS Issues

AcroExch.Document345 Kb4/4/2013
Cayman Islands on Track for AIFMD

AcroExch.Document425 Kb27/3/2013
Cayman Islands and Brazil Sign Tax Agreement

AcroExch.Document308 Kb25/3/2013
EMIR – Key Points & Dates for Financial Counterparties.

AcroExch.Document90 Kb13/3/2013
Duties of Directors under Irish Law – Funds Sector

AcroExch.Document828 Kb12/3/2013
Gallagher v ACC Bank plc – the implications for claim periods under the Statute of Limitations

AcroExch.Document311 Kb22/2/2013
Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Act 2013


AcroExch.Document91 Kb22/2/2013
Funds Quarterly Legal and Regulatory Update Q1 2013

AcroExch.Document970 Kb7/1/2013
The European Regulation on Short Selling

AcroExch.Document194 Kb7/1/2013
AIFMD Update - Level 2 Issues and ESMA Consultations

AcroExch.Document127 Kb21/12/2012
ESMA Consolidated Guidelines December 2012

AcroExch.Document490 Kb19/12/2012
ESMA Guidelines on Repurchase and Reverse Repurchase Agreements December 2012

AcroExch.Document530 Kb14/12/2012
Update on Filing of UCITS IV Business Plans

AcroExch.Document125 Kb7/12/2012
ESMA Opinion November 2012

AcroExch.Document131 Kb23/11/2012
A Guide to Qualifying Investor Funds in Ireland

AcroExch.Document369 Kb5/10/2012
A Guide to MiFID Investment Services in Ireland

AcroExch.Document265 Kb5/10/2012
EMIR- September 2012

AcroExch.Document111 Kb27/9/2012
ESMA Guidelines on ETFs and other UCITS Issues

AcroExch.Document228 Kb11/9/2012
UCITS VI - Have your say

AcroExch.Document201 Kb3/9/2012
Clarification on Leverage used by UCITS

AcroExch.Document49 Kb14/8/2012

AcroExch.Document77 Kb27/7/2012
A Guide to Selling Regulated Investment Funds in Asia June 2012

AcroExch.Document422 Kb6/6/2012
AIFM Directive - Implications for QIFs

AcroExch.Document328 Kb30/4/2012
The Transparency Provisions of AIFMD

AcroExch.Document88 Kb30/4/2012
The Valuation Provisions of AIFMD

AcroExch.Document66 Kb30/4/2012
New Irish Fund Structure to Facilitate U.S. Investment

AcroExch.Document44 Kb13/4/2012
Payment of Dividends out of Capital

AcroExch.Document167 Kb15/2/2012
Governance Code Introduced for Irish Funds

AcroExch.Document107 Kb15/12/2011
Dillon Eustace advises on first UCITS IV merger

AcroExch.Document537 Kb3/11/2011
A Guide to Hedge Funds in Ireland

AcroExch.Document416 Kb28/9/2011
Responsibility for Information within a Prospectus for Debt Securities


AcroExch.Document69 Kb22/9/2011
Master - Feeder UCITS Schemes


AcroExch.Document149 Kb10/8/2011
UCITS IV Regulations published DF1 July 2011

AcroExch.Document60 Kb8/7/2011
Corporate Governance Code June 2011 DF1

AcroExch.Document61 Kb8/7/2011
UCITS IV - Cross-Border Notifications

AcroExch.Document172 Kb28/2/2011
UCITS IV - Key Investor Information

AcroExch.Document202 Kb28/2/2011
A Guide to Irish Regulated Real Estate Funds

AcroExch.Document206 Kb6/1/2011
Investment Funds Listing on the Irish Stock Exchange

AcroExch.Document228 Kb5/1/2011
UCITS IV Management Companies Organisational Requirements

AcroExch.Document185 Kb4/1/2011
A Guide to Multi-Manager Funds in Ireland

AcroExch.Document204 Kb1/1/2011
AIFMD - Third Country Provisions

AcroExch.Document117 Kb17/11/2010
Dillon Eustace advise on the first Redomiciliation of Cayman Investment Trust to Ireland

AcroExch.Document38 Kb12/10/2010
Funds - An Alternative to NRDs - Equivalent Measures

AcroExch.Document84 Kb28/9/2010
Re-Domiciling an Investment Fund to Ireland

AcroExch.Document244 Kb24/9/2010
Data Protection in Ireland

AcroExch.Document196 Kb17/9/2010
Revised Regulations for Foreign Investment Funds Offered in Japan

AcroExch.Document158 Kb16/8/2010
Sharia Compliant Funds in Ireland

AcroExch.Document48 Kb16/3/2010
Class Level Assets within Irish Funds


AcroExch.Document45 Kb15/2/2010
A Guide to the Payment Services Regulations in Ireland

AcroExch.Document145 Kb20/1/2010
UCITS Alternatives

AcroExch.Document127 Kb15/1/2010
Admission of Irish ETFs on the London Stock Exchange

AcroExch.Document41 Kb2/8/2009
Exchange Traded Funds and the UCITS Framework

AcroExch.Document91 Kb1/3/2009
Managing Liquidity

AcroExch.Document45 Kb1/1/2009
UCITS Management Company Passport

AcroExch.Document55 Kb1/12/2008
Ireland and China - FR's Strengthen Connections

AcroExch.Document42 Kb1/11/2008
UCITS - Financial Regulator Clarification on VaR limit

AcroExch.Document39 Kb1/11/2008
Irish Financial Services Authority signs Memorandum of Understanding with China

AcroExch.Document256 Kb1/11/2008
CCFs and Asset Pooling

AcroExch.Document53 Kb1/4/2008
Money Market Funds

AcroExch.Document41 Kb1/1/2008
The Classification of Hedge Fund Indices as Financial Indices

AcroExch.Document42 Kb1/12/2007
Irish Regulatory Provisions for using Derivatives in Long Short 130-30 Strategies in UCITS Funds

AcroExch.Document68 Kb1/12/2007
Covered Short Sales

AcroExch.Document40 Kb1/10/2007
Establishing a Retail Fund for sale into Japan

AcroExch.Document217 Kb1/9/2007
Green Light and Green Cards

AcroExch.Document46 Kb1/2/2007
Segregated Liability for Irish Investment Funds

AcroExch.Document44 Kb1/9/2006
Developments in relation to Irish Real Estate Funds

AcroExch.Document43 Kb1/6/2006