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Corporate & M&A

Companies (Accounting) Bill 2016 - April 2017 update

AcroExch.Document363 Kb10/4/2017
Establishing a Business in Ireland

AcroExch.Document5,115 Kb29/7/2016
The dust slowly settles - Brexit and your business

AcroExch.Document8,589 Kb29/7/2016
Audit Committees under the Companies Act 2014

AcroExch.Document5,128 Kb22/7/2016
The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

AcroExch.Document5,382 Kb16/5/2016
Corporate Bulletin, May 2016

AcroExch.Document5,196 Kb6/5/2016
Recent Court of Appeal Decision on the Disqualification of Directors

AcroExch.Document5,130 Kb3/2/2016
Corporate Bulletin, January 2016

AcroExch.Document5,176 Kb29/1/2016
Corporate Bulletin, October 2015

AcroExch.Document5,257 Kb29/10/2015
European Court of Justice Data Protection Ruling

AcroExch.Document9,147 Kb8/10/2015
Corporate Bulletin, July 2015

AcroExch.Document5,250 Kb23/7/2015
The Companies Act 2014 Commencing 1 June 2015

AcroExch.Document2,052 Kb27/5/2015
Companies Act 2014 - Reorganisations, Acquisitions, Mergers and Divisions

AcroExch.Document3,239 Kb3/3/2015
Corporate Bulletin

AcroExch.Document5,203 Kb4/2/2015
Companies Act 2014: Directors' Duties

AcroExch.Document5,333 Kb14/1/2015
Companies Bill 2012 enacted as the Companies Act 2014

AcroExch.Document5,602 Kb2/1/2015
Companies Bill passes all legislative stages

AcroExch.Document5,638 Kb12/12/2014
Competition and Consumer Protection Act 2014

AcroExch.Document5,708 Kb5/12/2014
Companies Bill 2012: The New Regime for Existing Companies Limited by Guarantee and Not Having a Share Capital

AcroExch.Document5,657 Kb29/10/2014
Corporate Quarterly Legal Update Q4 2014

AcroExch.Document293 Kb29/10/2014
Companies Bill 2012: The New Regime for Existing Private Companies

AcroExch.Document4,386 Kb6/10/2014
Corporate Quarterly Legal and Regulatory Update Q3 2014

AcroExch.Document236 Kb21/7/2014
Companies Bill 2012 - Key Changes

AcroExch.Document4,402 Kb23/6/2014
Proposed Amendment to EU Data Protection Regime

AcroExch.Document4,379 Kb14/3/2014
Dillon Eustace contributes Ireland Chapter to The Merger Control Review

AcroExch.Document437 Kb31/5/2013
The Companies Bill 2012

AcroExch.Document276 Kb18/1/2013
Cross Border Mergers

AcroExch.Document65 Kb21/6/2012
Credit Guarantee Scheme Article June 2012

AcroExch.Document87 Kb14/6/2012
The Immigrant Investor Programme and Start-up Entrepreneur Programme

AcroExch.Document39 Kb24/4/2012
IBEC - Ireland as a place to do business


AcroExch.Document1,225 Kb19/4/2011
Endeavours Obligations

AcroExch.Document41 Kb24/9/2010
Statutory Audit Regulations 2010

AcroExch.Document43 Kb26/7/2010
A Guide to Joint Ventures in Ireland

AcroExch.Document53 Kb19/2/2010
Enforcement of Security over an Aircraft

AcroExch.Document48 Kb19/2/2010
Regulations on Accounts and Consolidated Accounts


AcroExch.Document50 Kb15/1/2010
Companies (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2009

AcroExch.Document54 Kb18/12/2009
Directors Duties where a Company is Facing Insolvency

AcroExch.Document51 Kb1/7/2009
Ireland as a location for doing business

AcroExch.Document249 Kb1/3/2009
Bankruptcy in Ireland - A Process Best Avoided

AcroExch.Document43 Kb1/2/2009
Companies' Disclosure Requirements

AcroExch.Document44 Kb1/2/2009
Share Option Schemes

AcroExch.Document66 Kb1/1/2009
Shareholders Rights Directive

AcroExch.Document59 Kb1/1/2009

AcroExch.Document44 Kb1/12/2008
The Process of Selling a Brokerage

AcroExch.Document43 Kb1/11/2008
Insider Trading Law in Ireland

AcroExch.Document120 Kb1/10/2008
Compensation for Investors when Investment Firms fail

AcroExch.Document44 Kb1/10/2008
Floating on the IEX

AcroExch.Document58 Kb1/10/2008
Audit Committees

AcroExch.Document187 Kb1/3/2008
The Private Company

AcroExch.Document51 Kb1/10/2007
Corporate Insolvency in Ireland

AcroExch.Document55 Kb1/9/2007
Disclosure Requirements with respect to Company Particulars

AcroExch.Document37 Kb1/9/2007
Charities Bill

AcroExch.Document54 Kb1/7/2007
European Communities Takeover Bids (Directive 2004) Regulations

AcroExch.Document44 Kb1/9/2006
Office of the Directors of Corporate Enforcement

AcroExch.Document109 Kb1/9/2006
Investment Funds, Companies and Miscellaneous Provisions Act

AcroExch.Document44 Kb1/7/2006