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Banking & Capital Markets

Recent Caselaw on Enforcement of Security for NPL Purchasers and Owners

AcroExch.Document684 Kb24/4/2018
European Commission Publishes Proposals to Tackle Non-Performing Loans

AcroExch.Document399 Kb23/4/2018
Read our input to the ICLG Guide on Secured Lending 2018 - Ireland

AcroExch.Document865 Kb19/4/2018
Loan Sales in Ireland - Proposed Regulatory Changes

AcroExch.Document476 Kb26/3/2018
After Acquired Property: Chargee’s Position

AcroExch.Document471 Kb14/3/2018
Central Credit Register: Phase two - preparation for reporting on business loans

AcroExch.Document532 Kb14/2/2018
The EBA issues standardised NPL templates

AcroExch.Document379 Kb4/1/2018
The Hayes Decision and The Impact of the Personal Insolvency Act on Loan Portfolio Purchasers

AcroExch.Document368 Kb28/11/2017
The Companies (Accounting) Act, 2017 – Clarity on the ranking of floating charges

AcroExch.Document487 Kb21/6/2017
The Regulation of Crowdfunding in Ireland

AcroExch.Document369 Kb18/5/2017
Alternative A Insolvency Provisions - Cape Town Convention

AcroExch.Document347 Kb18/5/2017
Update on Priority of Judgment Mortgages

AcroExch.Document440 Kb18/5/2017
Welcome clarity on receiver appointments -Woods v Ulster Bank

AcroExch.Document528 Kb18/5/2017
Britain, Brexit and the Financial Markets

AcroExch.Document712 Kb8/12/2016
A New Approach to Financing Business in Ireland Needed

This article was first published in the Finance Dublin Investment Funds report in October 2016.
AcroExch.Document1,120 Kb4/11/2016
Ireland as a Domicile for Special Purpose Vehicles

AcroExch.Document506 Kb18/5/2016
The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

AcroExch.Document5,382 Kb16/5/2016
High Court Provides Clarity on the Definition of a Consumer

AcroExch.Document3,229 Kb23/2/2016
Supreme Court provides welcome clarity on the Bankers’ Books Evidence Acts

AcroExch.Document4,594 Kb3/2/2016
Central Bank Regulations Regarding Lending to Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

AcroExch.Document3,621 Kb20/1/2016
John-Hugh Colleran contributed the Ireland chapter of Financier Worldwide’s 2015 Banking & Finance Annual Review

AcroExch.Document375 Kb4/1/2016
Conor Houlihan and Kate Curneen discuss Ireland’s new credit servicing regime – Finance Dublin, October 2015

AcroExch.Document282 Kb8/10/2015
A New Regulatory Framework for Credit Servicing Firms in Ireland

AcroExch.Document3,081 Kb9/9/2015
Refusal by the High Court to enforce the terms of a fee agreement - Luxor Investments Limited & Ors v. Beltany Property Finance Limited [2015] IEHC 316

AcroExch.Document3,047 Kb4/9/2015
Bank of Ireland Mortgage Bank v. Finnegan & Ward - A New Challenge to Possession Proceedings in the Circuit Court

AcroExch.Document5,212 Kb27/5/2015
Possession Orders and the Code of Conduct on Mortgage Arrears

AcroExch.Document3,168 Kb21/5/2015
Finance Dublin Yearbook 2015 – Dillon Eustace discusses the Consultation on the Code of Conduct for Business Lending to SMEs

AcroExch.Document836 Kb1/4/2015
Finance Dublin, March 2015 - Dillon Eustace examines the EU Commission’s Consultation paper on the Prospectus Directive

AcroExch.Document1,247 Kb1/4/2015
HFM Week, March, 2015 – Dillon Eustace discuss the EU Consultation on the Prospectus Directive

AcroExch.Document102 Kb19/3/2015
The Consumer Protection (Regulation of Credit Servicing Firms) Bill 2015

AcroExch.Document4,761 Kb20/1/2015
Ireland Adopting Cape Town’s Alternative A – publication in the Airfinance Annual 2014/15

AcroExch.Document176 Kb8/10/2014
Public Consultation - Consumer Protection on the Sale of Loan Books

AcroExch.Document4,889 Kb7/8/2014
Dillon Eustace: AIFMD Update

AcroExch.Document4,712 Kb13/11/2013
Publication in Offshore Investment, September 2013 - Aviation Finance and Leasing in Ireland

AcroExch.Document65 Kb22/10/2013
Aircraft Leasing - Ireland still leading the way

AcroExch.Document1,538 Kb3/10/2013
The Code of Conduct on Mortgage Arrears 2013

AcroExch.Document122 Kb12/8/2013
A Guide to AIFMD in Ireland (4 June 2013)

AcroExch.Document2,351 Kb7/6/2013
Aviation Finance - Legal issues arising in the financing of Pre-Delivery Payments - May 2013

AcroExch.Document142 Kb30/5/2013
The end of the Start Mortgages Issue? - May 2013

AcroExch.Document443 Kb21/5/2013
Debt Listing on the Irish Stock Exchange

AcroExch.Document113 Kb8/5/2013
Aviation Finance – Ireland and the Cayman Islands as Key Locations

AcroExch.Document1,306 Kb12/3/2013
Life Settlements

AcroExch.Document63 Kb30/5/2012
Irish Structures for Investing in Distressed Assets.

AcroExch.Document207 Kb16/9/2010
Ireland - A Key Location for Russian Structured Finance Deals

AcroExch.Document60 Kb13/7/2010
Banking and Capital Markets update - Spring 2010

AcroExch.Document168 Kb19/5/2010
Securitisation & Structured Finance Unit

AcroExch.Document176 Kb21/9/2009
Using Irish SPRVs

AcroExch.Document159 Kb22/10/2008
Matter of substance over Form, the Re-Characterisation of a Floating Charge

AcroExch.Document41 Kb1/9/2007
Credit Unions – a Changing Environment

AcroExch.Document43 Kb1/9/2006
Financial Regulatory Authorisation: Doorway or Barrier to the Irish Market

AcroExch.Document41 Kb1/5/2006